Hello world!

Hello everyone, I’m Joseph Palacios and this is my blog. Who am I? I am a tech nerd since I was young. I have been using computers ever since I was very young which is very common for people around my age, but I used the computer way too much. I still remember using my old dell desktop. Honestly, it wasn’t that great, it ran Windows XP and my internet in the mid-2000s was terrible. Younger me would always fight the computer just to play flash games. 

You must be asking why I created this blog? Because I was bored. Naw, I’m joking. The main reason why is because I wanted to give back and help others. My goal for this blog is to inform others and to share my options. So in the soon future expect a tutorial on setting up a home lab Active Directory and some reviews on tech products. This probably won’t be the only one seeing my website, so expect more.

Thank you for reading my small blog post. I’m still setting up this website so once more expect more. I hope you have a good day.

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