How I passed CompTIA A+ in 2023+

Hey everybody, I just recently gotten my CompTIA A+. I took core 1 last week and core 2 a month ago. I believe I could have done it faster, but I wanted to make sure I would pass. So if you want to CompTIA A+ within a month, it’s totally possible. I want to share the resources, study material and tips I used to pass both …

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Active Directory Tutorial

Intro Hey everybody, it’s Joseph. I will show you how to create an active directory home lab. We’re going to use Oracle VirtualBox to run our virtual machines. All you need for this home lab is just a computer running Windows or macOS, at least 8 gigabits of ram, 40 gigabits of storage, and 4 …

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Hello world!

Hello everyone, I’m Joseph Palacios and this is my blog. Who am I? I am a tech nerd since I was young. I have been using computers ever since I was very young which is very common for people around my age, but I used the computer way too much. I still remember using my …

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