How I passed CompTIA A+ in 2023+

Hey everybody, I just recently gotten my CompTIA A+. I took core 1 last week and core 2 a month ago. I believe I could have done it faster, but I wanted to make sure I would pass. So if you want to CompTIA A+ within a month, it’s totally possible. I want to share the resources, study material and tips I used to pass both tests.

Besides the price of the exam, you can pass A+ without spending a penny. By using free training courses and free practice exam questions. I would plan out what courses you will use and what book you’re willing to buy. Before buying an exam voucher, you need to figure out how long it will take to study each test. This depends on the amount of time and previous experience you have. When you have that figure out, I would buy my voucher from this website.

Personally, I used Professor Messer training course. It’s free and straight forward. Another training course I recommend is Udemy, they have great paid courses, but I would wait until they have a sale because they often go for 60%-80% off. For a book, I would recommend CompTIA book or Troy McMillan A+ book. When it comes to practice questions, I used Professor Messer, but you can use Udemy for some more.

I wish you the best if you’re planning to take the A+. If you use my advice, you will pass. Thank you for reading my post.


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